Innovation Policy Lab


Innovation Policy Lab

Type Higher Education
Year founded 2000
Location Toronto Canada Canada
Functions Research
Funding sources Foundations or grants, University-funded
Tags innovation growth social innovation inequality
Summary The Innovation Policy Lab (IPL) is a research hub within the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy whose mission is to study, teach, and apply novel methods and disciplines to the study of innovation and its impact on growth and society. Bringing together teams of researchers from multiple schools and departments at the University of Toronto, as well as from other institutions in countries across the globe, the IPL focuses on core questions in a number of areas including innovation and growth, innovation and inequality, globalization and innovation, social innovation, new technologies and their impact on society, innovation in traditional industries, and arts and innovation. Since our aim is not only to advance basic research but also to effect change, we pay particular attention to the role of public policy in nurturing innovation, while at the same time enhancing its positive impacts on society and limiting its negative consequences.

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IPL: Innovation Policy Lab · 2 February 2022 English

In the enabling and hands off governance approaches, the relevance of public actors in the transit system may decline and some suggest this will have detrimental effects on the sustainability …

IPL: Innovation Policy Lab · 27 April 2016 English

PowerPoint Presentation Innovation intermediaries: an international snapshot of current practices Jeffrey Crelinsten President and CEO, The Impact Group Prepared with the help of Bowang Dai, Rebecca Melville, Lai Ngoh, and …

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