Ontario 360

Ontario 360

Type Other
Website on360.ca
Year founded 2018
Location Toronto, ON Canada Canada
Functions Research
Funding sources Governments or multi-govt organizations
Tags public policy policy engagement policy community
Summary Ontario 360 is a purpose-built initiative to scan Ontario’s economic challenges and opportunities and develop evidence-based public policy ideas to inform and shape the Ontario government’s policy planning and priorities. Housed at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, Ontario 360 builds on the Munk School’s commitment to independent, non-partisan and evidence-based policy engagement with the policy community and broader public.

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Ontario 360 · 16 August 2022 English

Meanwhile, the Province of Ontario has an existing MOU with the Competition Bureau, dating from 2015, that aims to advance the mutual goals shared by the Ontario Ministry of Government …

Ontario 360 · 15 August 2022 English

While the imperative of containing the spread of COVID-19 was understandable, places of worship often faced unequal and arbitrary treatment during the public health emergency. [...] Freedom of conscience and …

Ontario 360 · 7 July 2022 English

Early in the pandemic, for instance, Premier Doug Ford said the following: “[We can no longer be] beholden to countries around the world for the safety and well-being of the …

Ontario 360 · 22 June 2022 English

This proposal is designed to inspire a high degree of participation amongst producers, and to ease the burden of making the often expensive and difficult changes required to build resilience …

Ontario 360 · 17 June 2022 English

It was only a matter of time before Ontario expanded its gambling market—not because of popular demand, but because the provincial government is addicted to gambling money and is eager …

Ontario 360 · 13 June 2022 English

The export of local companies feeds into a perpetual cycle -- the export of Ontario IP and the accompanying need to import healthcare end products. [...] This investment is the …

Ontario 360 · 9 June 2022 English

How to Move Forward: A Cancer Innovation Pathway Ontario needs a structured, transparent and multi-staged pathway to move discoveries out of the lab and into the clinic that leverages existing …

Ontario 360 · 3 May 2022 English

Measures to improve the supply and demand for innovation in Ontario Most discussions of innovation policy focus on ‘supply-side’ measures that aim to increase the amount of innovation occurring in …

Ontario 360 · 1 May 2022 English

Toronto has received 80 percent of immigrants to the province over the past 20 years and with the federal government increasing the annual settlement target to an annual average of …

Ontario 360 · 27 April 2022 English

And third, Budget 2022 promised $15-billion for a new green growth fund to underwrite the transition through Canadian technologies and markets. For all the signals from Ottawa, though, Ontario’s policy …

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