Public Policy Forum 


Public Policy Forum 

Type Think Tank
Wikipedia Wikipedia
Year founded 1987
Location Toronto, ON Canada Canada
Functions Research
Tags public policy policy makers
Summary The Public Policy Forum builds bridges among diverse participants in the policy-making process and gives them a platform to examine issues, offer new perspectives and feed fresh ideas into policy discussions. They contribute by researching the issues that challenge Canadians today; convening roundtables to foster frank and honest dialogue; celebrating exceptional public policy and public service leaders who have contributed to public policy excellence across Canada and the world

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PPF: Public Policy Forum  · 19 October 2023 French

FORUM DES POLITIQUES PUBLIQUES 5 LE VENT EN POUPE INTRODUCTION À moins de 200 kilomètres de la côte de la Nouvelle-Écosse se trouve la légendaire île de Sable, que des …

PPF: Public Policy Forum  · 12 October 2023 English

His public service career included positions as Deputy Chief of Staff, Policy in the Office of the Prime Minister of Canada and as Special Advisor to the Secretary-General of the …

PPF: Public Policy Forum  · 25 September 2023 English

around pricing and market access, took a back seat to providing the research, equipment and pharmacological products needed to minimize COVID infections and secure the health and The Context for …

PPF: Public Policy Forum  · 3 August 2023 English

He is the author of Missing From the Village, and host of two podcasts for the CBC: The Village, and The Flamethrowers. [...] In the distance painted sign shows hands …

PPF: Public Policy Forum  · 27 July 2023 English

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PPF: Public Policy Forum  · 20 July 2023 English

It is shaping up as the number one national undertaking of the 21st century – dwarfing in ambition even the 19th-century construction of the Grand Trunk and Canadian Pacific railways …

PPF: Public Policy Forum  · 18 May 2023 English

PowerPoint Presentation TELFER EXECUTIVE PROGRAMS UNIVERSITY OF OTTAWA PUBLIC POLICY LEADERSHIP PROGRAM The Public Policy Leadership Program (PPLP) is designed for practicing policy professionals who are interested in increasing their …

PPF: Public Policy Forum  · 9 May 2023 English

This includes policies currently legislated and announced in the ERP, a cap at net zero emissions economy-wide in 2050, and the addition of an explicit phaseout of oil and gas …

PPF: Public Policy Forum  · 18 April 2023 English

Realizing the potential of green steel requires change at all stages of the supply chain, from the quality of iron ore, to the electrification of mining and processing operations, to …

PPF: Public Policy Forum  · 17 April 2023 English

It was hard Since the mid-2010s, however, Atlantic Canada to ignore the vitality and cohesion of the has caught a fresh wind in its sails, gathering people, the concentration of …

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