Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) is a spectrum of conditions caused by infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), a retrovirus. Following initial infection a person may not notice any symptoms, or may experience a brief period of influenza-like illness. Typically, this is followed by a prolonged period with no symptoms. If the infection progresses, it interferes more with the immune system, increasing the risk of developing common infections such as tuberculosis, as well as other opportunistic infections, and tumors which are otherwise rare in people who have normal immune function. These late symptoms of infection …



EVA: Ending Violence Association of BC · 16 April 2024 English

Best Principles and Practices Guideline for Sexual Assault Response for Healthcare Professionals and Anti-Violence Workers The best principles and practices for sexual assault response outlined in this guideline are based …

com/sexually-transmitted-infections/stis-conditions/hiv-and-aids/ com/sexually-transmitted-infections/stis-conditions/hiv-and-aids/

CASW: Canadian Association of Social Workers · 5 April 2024 English

Over the years, the organization has evolved both structurally and programmatically to become a more integrated and coordinated response to chronic homelessness in the City of London. [...] With the …

of Addiction Services Thames Valley, Regional HIV/AIDS Connection, and Unity Project, and funded by the

NCCIH: National Collaborating Centre for Indigineous Health · 5 April 2024 English

Chapter 3 of the NCCIH’s Indigenous cultural safety: An environmental scan of cultural safety initiatives in Canada focuses on cultural safety initiatives created by British Columbia’s provincial government and its …

Vancouver illnesses, older British Columbians, HIV/AIDS, Island region’s plan for achieving a shared vision

IRPP: Institut de recherche en politiques publiques · 5 April 2024 English

52 The New Mobility Era: Leveraging Digital Technologies for More Equitable, Efficient and Effective Public Transportation Ata Khan and Ren Thomas IN BRIEF Digital technologies have the potential to enhance …

paratransit customers emergency who do not have mobility aids or devices that transport require a fully accessible

UAP: University of Alberta Press · 2 April 2024 English

All Sky, Mirror Ocean is for everyone looking to understand the complex issues around mental illness and healing. Combining autobiography, research-creation, poetry, and creative philosophy, Brad Necyk uses art and …

awarenesses to the intent of these words.1 With these aids, I hope you can find your way through this journey binds us — we are in this together — and one that aids us // to see some things and not others. // Maybe

AIC: Agricultural Institute of Canada · 31 March 2024 English

The success of the Quebec pilot, combined with the identified need across the agriculture sector for more training opportunities for women led to the expansion of the program Canada-wide and …

ongoing issues related to land tenure, production aids, credit and support services, new research out this

CIHI: Canadian Institute for Health Information · 28 March 2024 English

This report summarizes information about prescription drug data in Canada (assets, needs, gaps, limitations and opportunities) by jurisdiction.

Reduction Drug Program Not available in NPDUIS • AIDS/HIV Program • Community Mental Health Program • Extra-Mural Program • Growth Hormone Deficiency Plan • HIV/AIDS Plan • Medavie Blue Cross Seniors’ Prescription Supplements • Palliative Care Program • Saskatchewan Aids to Independent Living (SAIL) • Seniors’ Drug Plan

Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy · 27 March 2024 English

The premise of the work is that economic development stories need to be shared among those involved in economic development, both in the community where the economic development activities take …

Program – The Women’s Business Development Program aids Saskatchewan Métis women in pursuing entrepreneurship

BCCAT: BC Council on Admissions and Transfer · 21 March 2024 English

The Sheet Metal Industry Training Board continued to face the significant challenges, support its apprentices and contractors, and prioritize the safe delivery of technical training all while enacting a bold …

chain issues are a problem for all types of training aids. Everything from electronics to paper products have

Health and Welfare Commissioner of Quebec · 19 March 2024 English

Home Care and Support Services

Medical and specialized supplies, equipment, technical aids and technology tools that allow a person to stay

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