An election is a formal group decision-making process by which a population chooses an individual or multiple individuals to hold public office.Elections have been the usual mechanism by which modern representative democracy has operated since the 17th century. Elections may fill offices in the legislature, sometimes in the executive and judiciary, and for regional and local government. This process is also used in many other private and business organizations, from clubs to voluntary associations and corporations.The universal use of elections as a tool for selecting representatives in modern representative democracies is in contrast with the practice in the democratic archetype, …



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"The Honourable John Norquay is a magnificent book. Friesen meticulously documents Norquay's many accomplishments, larger-than-life character, and charisma. He paints a picture of a negotiator and orator who ably uses …

the next nine years while winning four general elections. In that role he was widely acknowledged to be

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(Written by Nick Corbishley. Originally published here in Naked Capitalism, republished with permission.) This is...

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Fresh, funny, and imbued with infectious energy, Northerny tells a much-needed and compelling story of growing up and living in the North. Here are no tidy tales of aurora borealis …

Yukoner votes for their best friend in the by-elections. Every Yukoner knows how to build a shelter out

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La demande de certaines sections de la classe dirigeante de criminaliser la lutte de n'importe quelle section de travailleurs pour leurs droits a prévalu parce que cette lutte nuisait à …

classe bourgeoise au pouvoir et, par le biais des élections, sur l'éloignement de la classe ouvrière du pouvoir négociation d'une trêve entre elles, alors que les élections et un parlement dysfonctionnel ne parviennent

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This first-of-its-kind collection shares stories not only of entrepreneurial excellence and persistence but of savvy leadership, innovation, and reciprocity, providing hope to Indigenous business leaders, youth, and elected officials working …

have an unusually low rate of turnover in band elections. This suggests it may be beneficial to look at

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Portrait des Québécoises. Édition 2023 – Pouvoir et influence - Conseil du statut de la femme

Source : Assemblée nationale du Québec (s.d.b), Élections Québec (s.d.) et Michaud (2010). La représentation minorité visible3 se sont portées candidates aux élections générales de 2022 et 9 d’entre elles ont été élues personnes candidates répertoriées par Élections Québec [aux élections générales de 2022] a été faite grâce ca/cdn-contenu/adm/min/affaires-municipales/publications/elections/POR_StatistiqueElectionsMun2021.pdf La proportion ca/cdn-contenu/adm/min/affaires-municipales/publications/elections/POR_StatistiqueElectionsMun2021.pdf chrome-ex

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La Loi électorale : un levier pour la parité - Mémoire déposé dans le cadre de la consultation d’Élections Québec sur la Loi électorale

3.1. L’établissement de dates fixes pour les élections partielles .................................. cadre de la consultation1 que mène actuellement Élections Québec au sujet de la Loi électorale. Le CSF réagit 2.3). 1. Du 20 novembre 2023 au 30 mars 2024, Élections Québec mène cette consultation auprès des citoyennes et non comme un voter et de se présenter à des élections. Il faut point d’arrivée » (CSF, 2020, p. 17-18) plusieurs (5 femmes sur les 110 sièges à la suite des élections publications du CSF3, la représentation paritaire

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While this means the answers to those questions are already known, the witnesses listed below must be called to testify to answer the “Is it true…” questions so that the …

influence activities during the 2019 and 2021 federal elections. It is also impossible to determine the extent extent and effects of such activities before those elections, between them, and since, and will remain impossible about interference in nomination contests, elections, by-elections or political party leadership contests Commissioner of Canada Elections (CCE) and Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Elections Canada i. Rules and contests a) Is it true that the federal Canada Elections Act (S.C. 2000, c. 9) (CEA) does not contain any

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The effort to get to the cusp of eradicating smallmouth bass on the Miramichi would be impressive without the added pressures of planning and executing during Covid and although disappointing, …

this year due to uncertainties and delays with elections for KNAPK, the agreement’s Greenland partner.

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Nonetheless it gained 4.9% of the vote, and while it had a range of other issues—opposition to “radical gender ideology,” support for oil pipelines, liberalization of gun laws and protecting …

Accessed March 11, 2024. https://www.sfu.ca/~aheard/elections/1867-present.html. 6 Nanos Research. “Canadians

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