International Humanitarian Law

International humanitarian law (IHL), also referred to as the laws of armed conflict, is the law that regulates the conduct of war (jus in bello). It is a branch of international law which seeks to limit the effects of armed conflict by protecting persons who are not participating in hostilities, and by restricting and regulating the means and methods of warfare available to combatants. The international humanitarian law is inspired by considerations of humanity and the mitigation of human suffering. It comprises a set of rules, established by treaty or custom, that seeks to protect persons and property/objects that are, …



Wilson Center Canada · 6 May 2024 English

However, the past two decades have witnessed a dramatic shift in the geopolitical landscape, characterized by the erosion of multilateralism, the rise of nationalism, the resurgence of authoritarian regimes, and …

continued to appear only compliance with international humanitarian law.119 implicitly in resolutions. This

SHARE: Shareholder Association for Research and Education · 25 April 2024 English

SHARE is an award-winning non-profit organization dedicated to mobilizing investor leadership for a sustainable, inclusive and productive economy. We do this by supporting our investor network and amplifying their voices …

companies to report on the rights, or international humanitarian law. risks and ethical considerations of

CDA: Conference of Defence Associations Institute · 9 April 2024 English

This report thus urges policymakers and practitioners to take seriously the gendered role of identity and socialization in their efforts to prevent the perpetration of conflict-related sexual violence and to …

that emphasize their obligations under international humanitarian law to protect civilians from CRSV and in Armed Conflicts: A Violation of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law.” International

CLD: Centre for Law and Democracy · 27 March 2024 English

report from Gaza in spite of the risks, as civilians according to established norms of International Humanitarian Law, as well as urging for the immediate and unfettered access of international journalists

civilians according to established norms of International Humanitarian Law, as well as urging for the immediate

RI: Rideau Institute · 8 March 2024 English

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs puts forward the same message – that the interests of Israel and the interests of Jews are one and the same. [...] It …

Council: “The consequences of casting international humanitarian law to the wind will reverberate well beyond

PMLQ: Parti marxiste-léniniste du Québec · 13 January 2024 English

HTM The world stands with South Africa in this case even though, at the end of the day, the struggles of the peoples of the world will not be resolved …

considering "the flagrant violations of international humanitarian law," the country's president expressed displacement, war crimes and violations of international humanitarian law are taking place in Gaza. Canadian

IISD: International Institute for Sustainable Development · 11 December 2023 English

A compendium of best practices for governments to manage the full range of issues in the mining sector.The Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development supports more than …

for international human rights and international humanitarian law, and address issues that may give

IHRP: International Human Rights Program, University of Toronto · 6 December 2023

Specifically, the IHRP considers the following aspects of the proposed fellowship: the host organisation, the proposal, the student’s strengths and interests, and the student’s professionalism in all dealings related to …

aboriginal rights, climate justice, international humanitarian law, international criminal law, children’s

JCCF: Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms · 5 December 2023 English

Cas de surdité professionnelle (Décision en faveur du travailleur) 2015 Action collective - Analyse de l’impact du bruit émis par la piste de course automobile Circuit Mont-Tremblant sur la santé …

were pawns, being held governed by international humanitarian law; but some hostage by an occupying force

CIGI: Centre for International Governance Innovation · 30 November 2023 English

Clearing the Fog: The Grey Zones of Space Governance 1 The term “grey zone” is used by militaries to of grey zones in outer space by better defining indicate the …

As part of her work at Project IHL international humanitarian law Ploughshares, Jessica served for seven this. Beginning with the connectedness international humanitarian law (IHL), which of outer space to earthly Space and the Protection Afforded by International Humanitarian Law.” Position paper Lawler, Samantha M about the Grey Steer, Cassandra. 2023. “International Humanitarian Law in the ‘Grey Zone.” The Interpreter

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