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A job description or JD is a written narrative that describes the general tasks, or other related duties, and responsibilities of a position. It may specify the functionary to whom the position reports, specifications such as the qualifications or skills needed by the person in the job, information about the equipment, tools and work aids used, working conditions, physical demands, and a salary range. Job descriptions are usually narrative, but some may comprise a simple list of competencies; for instance, strategic human resource planning methodologies may be used to develop a competency architecture for an organization, from which job descriptions …



BCPSEA: British Columbia Public School Employers' Association · 31 January 2024 English

PREAMBLE WHEREAS it is the responsibility of all parties to this Agreement to work for the effective and efficient operation of the schools in the School District, all in accordance …

apply: i) The Board shall prepare a draft Job Description for the position. ii) The J.J.E.C. shall meet meet and based on the draft job description and preliminary rating of the position establish a temporary an updated Job Description, to the J.J.E.C. v) The J.J.E.C. shall review the Job Description and rate the incumbent, Board and Union of any changes to the Job Description and the rating. vi) The calculated pay rate a position have been changed, or that the Job Description does not reflect the duties and responsibilities

8-80 Cities · 22 January 2024 English

We are striving for a staff team that is representative of the communities where we work, and we encourage applications from BIPOC candidates and individuals with lived experience that are … Job Description – Finance Manager JOB DESCRIPTION: The Finance Manager is responsible

Columbia Basin Trust · 10 January 2024 English

CBT Program Name: 2024 PROGRAM GUIDE WHAT IS THE SUMMER WORKS PROGRAM? The Summer Works Program (Summer Works) provides small businesses with a wage subsidy to hire full-time high school …

is greater than minimum wage. NOTE: • The job description must clearly indicate work tasks, responsibilities

BCPSEA: British Columbia Public School Employers' Association · 22 December 2023 English

requiring a teaching certificate offered in the District and send to the Association a written job description of the new position(s) unless the position(s) is one of the following: a.

District and send to the Association a written job description of the new position(s) unless the position(s) provide the Liaison Committee with a written job description for new Positions of Special Responsibility Reduction 7. Creation of New Positions 8. Job Description 2. Definition of Positions and Assignments

BCPSEA: British Columbia Public School Employers' Association · 22 December 2023

The parties respect and value the history of the Indigenous people of these lands, and the impact of the past on the present and future. [...] C) Purpose of the …

5% 2% Jun-21 $0.25;and GWI; Category GWI; Job # Description Hourly 3.24% plus plus Rate GWI COLA COLA*** to prepare a job description whenever a new job is created. 2.1.2) The job description shall be referred incumbent of the new position with a copy of the job description and rating upon appointment. 2.1.4) If the area of knowledge and skills required by the job description. However, if such additional assignments become if necessary, ensuring the adequacy of the job description and/or application of the evaluation manual

BCPSEA: British Columbia Public School Employers' Association · 18 December 2023 English

b) The Union shall notify the Employer in writing of the name of each Steward and the area(s) they represent and the name of the Chief Steward, before the Employer …

and skills, as specified in the recognized job description. The posting shall also include the hours of Union is bargaining agent and to prepare a new job description whenever a new job is created or whenever the

BCPSEA: British Columbia Public School Employers' Association · 18 December 2023 English

GENERAL EMPLOYEES’ UNION 2022-2025 Collective Agreement 10 employee in the bargaining unit pertaining to the interpretation or application of any clause in the agreement, shall be forwarded to the President …

possess the qualifications as set out in the job description. (1) Employees who are laid off or reduced Gender Neutral Joint Job Evaluation Manual for Job Description, Classification and Salary/Wage Administration describing and classifying the job; applying the job description and classification and maintaining the job arrive at an agreement on each position’s job description, evaluation and reasons for classification Co-Chairs confirm their agreement on each job description and classification. In the event they are not

BCLI: British Columbia Law Institute · 18 December 2023 English

The British Columbia Law Institute (BCLI) and its division, the Canadian Centre for Elder Law (CCEL), seek a Communications Manager to join our team. [...] The successful candidate will have …

Job Description Communications Manager December 2023 Application deadline: Open until position is filled

BCPSEA: British Columbia Public School Employers' Association · 14 December 2023 English

The parties recognize the purposes of this agreement are: (a) to record the terms and conditions of employment agreed to by the parties; (b) to encourage cooperation in supporting quality …

and the Union agree to the creation of a new job description – “Daytime Roving Custodian”. The description data and forms part of the job documents. Job Description The written description of a job which includes Form. Copies of the Advice of Rating Form and job description will be provided to the J.P.E.C., incumbent(s) Committee along with the copy of the current job description. The questionnaire should detail any changes supervisor. Amendments may be made to the proposed job description, as deemed necessary by the J.P.E.C., from

BCPSEA: British Columbia Public School Employers' Association · 11 December 2023 English

If the successful applicant does return to his/her former position within the trial period, the Board will make use of the applications from the original posting for the purpose of …

Committee will be by a simple majority, whereas job description rating decisions will be unanimous. Alternate the employee or Supervisor feels that the job description may be inadequate or the job evaluation is management may request, in writing, a review of the job description or job rating. 2. The Joint Job Evaluation selected or any new job duties not on the job description. 3. The Joint Job Evaluation Committee shall Evaluation Committee agrees to a change in the job description and/or rating, it shall be revised and implemented

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