Nursing Homes

A nursing home is a facility for the residential care of elderly or disabled people. Nursing homes may also be referred to as skilled nursing facility (SNF), long-term care facilities, old people's homes, care homes, rest homes, convalescent homes or convalescent care. Often, these terms have slightly different meanings to indicate whether the institutions are public or private, and whether they provide mostly assisted living, or nursing care and emergency medical care. Nursing homes are used by people who do not need to be in a hospital, but cannot be cared for at home. The nursing home facility nurses have …



CIRANO: Centre for Interuniversity Research and Analysis on Organizations · 23 May 2024 French

L’étude s’appuie sur un vaste ensemble de données et d’informations incluant des entrevues et sondages réalisés auprès de gestionnaires, de membres du personnel et de résidents de RPA, et des …

transferts à l’urgence de personnes aînées de nursing homes réalisée par Lemoyne et coll. (2019) démontre Interventions to reduce hospitalizations from nursing homes: evaluation of the INTERACT II collaborative Interventions to reduce hospitalizations from nursing homes: evaluation of the INTERACT II collaborative

OCC: Ontario Chamber of Commerce · 6 May 2024 English

While the cost of diesel fuel is exchanged for the cost of recharging batteries, the net operating cost of the mine is reduced given the size of the ventilation system …

some 40,000 Canadians were on waitlists for nursing homes at any given time in 2019. Meanwhile, they estimated The NIA estimates 22% of people currently in nursing homes would be better served at home with the appropriate

CHRC: Canadian Human Rights Commission · 2 May 2024

Monitoring the Right to Housing for People with Disabilities The right to housing for people with disabilities: Monitoring framework Canadian Human Rights Commission and the Office of the Federal Housing …

looks at people in residential facilities (“nursing homes”) that provide full–time health care, nursing

ASC: Alzheimer Society of Canada · 29 April 2024 English

A perfect storm is brewing: demand for care is growing, caregivers are aging, the number of available caregivers is shrinking, and care needs are becoming more complex due to our …

recipient’s home, and about 1-in-7 work in each of nursing homes or senior’s residences, long-term care homes

CIHI: Canadian Institute for Health Information · 23 April 2024 English

Standards and protocols for administering the Canadian Patient Experiences Survey — Inpatient Care (CPES-IC).

eligible for the survey. • Patients discharged to nursing homes or long-term care facilities (i.e., patient

Childcare Resource and Research Unit · 12 April 2024 English

The care economy has the potential to be the backbone of the Canadian middle class like manufacturing was in the 1950s to 1960s. [...] It raised the visibility and lived …

elderly are being evicted from their aging nursing homes so owners can cash in on the real estate bonanza

CIHI: Canadian Institute for Health Information · 11 April 2024 English

A look at trajectories of care in Canada’s health care systems for people living with dementia and their caregivers.

different names across the country, such as nursing homes, residential care, continuing care and extended

CHRC: Canadian Human Rights Commission · 10 April 2024

After the Commission referred the complaint to the Tribunal, CSIS, the Complainant and the Commission settled the matter without a Tribunal hearing. [...] The Commission argued that the evidence supported …

institutions, such as long-term care residences and nursing homes, as well as children growing up in the child

Literacy Coalition of New Brunswick · 10 April 2024 English

I worked at a young age to support my studies, but in the middle of my studies I was forced to quit because my younger sister had to study. [...] …

amounts of staff shortages at hospitals and nursing homes, something about working in the healthcare field

Queen's University School of Policy Studies · 8 April 2024 English

Adherence to the values expressed through academic integrity forms a foundaon for the "freedom of inquiry and exchange of ideas" essenal to the intellectual life of the University (see the …

for everyone such as PSWs, service staff in nursing homes, homecare workers), research and development

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