Panamanians (Spanish: Panameños) are people identified with Panama, a country in Central America, whose connection may be residential, legal, historical, or cultural. For most Panamanians, several or all of these connections exist and are collectively the source of their Panamanian identity. Panama is a multilingual and multicultural society, home to people of many different ethnicities and religions. Therefore, many Panamanians do not equate their nationality with ethnicity, but with citizenship and allegiance to Panama. The overwhelming majority of Panamanians are the product of varying degrees of admixture between European ethnic groups (predominantly Spaniards) with native Amerindians who are indigenous to …



RON: Ronsdale Press · 2018 English

When Emily Patterson arrives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and children in 1862, she finds herself worlds away from Bath, Maine, the staunchly pious township of her birth. …

of mixed african ancestry or the indigenous Panamanians—dark of skin and often clad in the flimsiest

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Over half the members of the African ethno-racial groups, 60 percent of the members of Caribbean groups, and more than 70 percent of the members of the Arab and West …

Guatemalan and Nicaraguan (there are very few Panamanians, Hondurans and Costa Ricans in Toronto, and the

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