Papal Encyclicals

An encyclical was originally a circular letter sent to all the churches of a particular area in the ancient Roman Church. At that time, the word could be used for a letter sent out by any bishop. The word comes from Late Latin encyclios (from Latin encyclius, a Latinization of Greek ἐνκύκλιος enkyklios meaning "circular", "in a circle", or "all-round", also part of the origin of the word encyclopedia). The term has been used by Catholics, Anglicans and the Eastern Orthodox.



CARDUS: Centre for Cultural Renewal · 15 February 2017 English

If you’re visiting this site for the first time, you might have a few questions: what does faith have to do with economics? Why are we talking about work and …

That’s why you’ll �nd discussions of what Papal Encyclicals have to say about work and labour, alongside

MQUP: McGill-Queen's University Press · 1 January 2016 English

Between 1867 and 2000, the Canadian government sent over 150,000 Aboriginal children to residential schools across the country. Government officials and missionaries agreed that in order to “civilize and Christianize” …

of 20 December 1741 and a number of other Papal Encyclicals, statements and decrees. If any doubt remains

NCTR: Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada · 20 October 2015 English

Canada’s Residential Schools: Reconciliation The Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Volume 6 ISBN 978-0-7735-4662-2 Reconciliation The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Canada’s Residential Schools …

of 20 December 1741 and a number of other Papal Encyclicals, statements and decrees. If any doubt remains

MQUP: McGill-Queen's University Press · 2015 English

A paradoxical prelate to many, Archbishop James Morrison was the spiritual head of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, from 1912 to 1950. Traditional, frugal, and aloof, he …

resulted from industrialization. Armed with papal encyclicals such as Rerum Novarum (1891), Morrison struggled

MQUP: McGill-Queen's University Press · 6 November 2006 English

Adams examines the contributions of such major Français libres as René Cassin, Pierre Mendès France, and Jacques Soustelle and explores de Gaulle's troubled relations with Churchill and Roosevelt. The opportunity …

both sides of the wartime divide invoked papal encyclicals, the directives of the Catholic hierarchy

MQUP: McGill-Queen's University Press · 24 October 2005 English

Contributors include Samir Amin (Third World Forum, Senegal), Lloyd Best (Trinidad and Tobago Institute of the West Indies), Duncan Cameron (University of Ottawa), Ursula Franklin (University of Toronto), Norman Girvan …

liberating current, most notably in several papal encyclicals and pastoral letters of the Canadian bishops

UBC: UBC Press · 2004 English

The first-ever synthesis of both the patriotic and the problematic in wartime Canada, Saints, Sinners, and Soldiers shows how moral and social changes, and the fears they generated, precipitated numerous, …

corporatist order, based in large part upon the papal encyclicals of Pius XI. One poll taken in July 1942, only

MQUP: McGill-Queen's University Press · 2001 English

In beautifully simple language, Gregory Baum discusses the writings of four men whose nationalism was shaped by their religion and their time: Martin Buber's speeches on Zionism before the creation …

systematic treatment of nationalism. In the papal encyclicals dealing with social issues nationalism is

IDRC: Les Éditions du CRDI · 2000 English

The challenge of 1 A R B A B bringing prosperity to all the peoples of the world through a process of sustainable development will not be met solely by …

. . . . . . . 77 Annex 1: Excerpts from papal encyclicals and statements by the World Synod of Bishops

MQUP: McGill-Queen's University Press · 1999 English

The women studied were clearly progressive in their opinions and the authors show that their original and varied opinions cast doubt on much of the standard literature about non-elite women's …

viewed the cercles with suspicion. Inspired by papal encyclicals and the ideas of corporatism, they stressed

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