Paralympic Games

The Paralympic Games or Paralympics are a periodic series of international multi-sport events involving athletes with a range of disabilities, including impaired muscle power (e.g. paraplegia and quadriplegia, muscular dystrophy, post-polio syndrome, spina bifida), impaired passive range of movement, limb deficiency (e.g. amputation or dysmelia), leg length difference, short stature, hypertonia, ataxia, athetosis, vision impairment and intellectual impairment. There are Winter and Summer Paralympic Games, which since the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, are held almost immediately following the respective Olympic Games. All Paralympic Games are governed by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC). The Paralympics has grown from …



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Events can educate, inspire, and connect, but all too often they escalate into resource-intensive glorifications of excess and exclusivity. How We Gather Matters provides insight and practical tools to unleash …

large part to the 2010 Van- couver Olympic and Paralympic Games, for which the Vancouver Organizing Committee

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He is an advisor to the Nonprofit Resilience Lab, and on the Editorial Advisory Board of The Philanthropist, and is the lead author of an annual scan of trends and …

of disability and accessibility 19 · First Paralympic Games (Rome) 60 · Community living movement · Canada facilities, and veterans. Modeled after the Paralympic Games, with as well as amateur sport and recreation more common to see wheelchair fencing. The Paralympic Games have grown advanced modifications in the context increase opportunities and summer sports. The Paralympic Games, governed by and invite the full participation

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I would like to wish the 36 members of the delegation the best of luck during the mission. [...] I would like to sincerely thank APF Canada for their hard …

ศ. 2553 (Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games 2010) ทปี ระสบผลสําเรจ็ทัง ในส่วนของพนักงาน

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in New York (1995-98), the Embassy of Canada to France, Paris (2001-06 and 2013-14), and the She served as consul general in Mumbai from Mission of Canada to the European …

participation in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games was a success for employees, customers, and

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permitting a support person to to the economic well-being of many DABC will continue our work to be present to ensure medical people with disabilities and chronic educate doctors and …

for more accessible and the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games. I worked with parks, tour- inclusive, and

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As per the Council’s mandate, this annual report serves to advise the Minister Responsible for the Status of Persons with Disabilities on issues critical to the inclusion of persons with …

in major world swimming championships and Paralympic Games for 15 years. Debbie Ryan has vast lived and

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11 2 McMaster University, Department of Health, Aging and Society, HLTHAGE 3D03 Course Description This course provides a critical examination of the interdisciplinary aspects of disability, chronic illness and aging …

Representations of Disability at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games,” Communication & Sport 9(1), 2021. • K. Lindemann

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Committee of the Whole - Administrative Services Session Chair: Councillor Mark Bentz DISCLOSURES OF INTEREST CONFIRMATION OF AGENDA Confirmation of Agenda - Committee of the Whole - March 28, 2022 …

athletes ahead of the recent Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. Exchange of people unfortunately is difficult

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Perspectives on Disability, Chronic Illness and Aging

Representations of Disability at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games,” Communication & Sport, 2019. (Found in the

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