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21 Nov 2023

The Committee asserts that strategic threat actors seek to compromise government systems in order to “sap the vitality of individual companies and of the economy.” See National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians ,“Special Report on the Government of Canada’s Framework and Activities to Defend its Systems and Networks from Cyber Attack,” Government of Canada, February 14 2022,. [...] According to National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians, Australia is “at the forefront of Western nations in addressing the threat of foreign interference.” The Committee notes that “Australia has passed a suite of legislative tools to…address the threat, including the introduction of new offences in that country’s Criminal Code in relation to espionage and foreign interfere. [...] To reduce risks to security of supply, prevent dependencies with respect to critical infrastructure, and counter the problematic transfer of sensitive technologies, the Government of Canada should move forward with amendments to the national security provisions of the Investment Canada Act to more precisely target and screen out malicious foreign investments. [...] To safeguard our continued access to critical economic inputs, while strengthening the Government of Canada’s capability to act independently on the global stage, the Government of Canada should work with sectors vulnerable to economic coercion to strengthen the depth and resilience of critical supply chains. [...] To enable the earlier and more effective disruption of malign foreign influence, as well as to increase the public’s awareness of the nature, scale, and extent of foreign activities in domestic affairs, the Government of Canada should move forward with the enactment of a foreign influence transparency regime.
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