cover image: Bill C-53: An Act (dis)Respecting First Nations Inherent Rights - by Brent


Bill C-53: An Act (dis)Respecting First Nations Inherent Rights - by Brent

14 Dec 2023

is Act follows the Ontario - view on inherent rights and the place of Métis in the government’s recognition of seven historic Métis province. [...] Communities in Ontario in 2017, and the 2003 Powley Supreme Court decision that created a test for the A Condensed Overview of Anishinaabe Inherent Rights existence of historic Métis communities for Métis to access Among the Anishinaabe – whose territory spans parts constitutional rights under Section 35. [...] is spirit being was the rst Anishinaabe in human-form placed on Turtle First, the credibility of information to support the claims Island (the Americas) at the beginning of time. [...] Canada has never initiated a process with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples to provide clarity on how to In journeying, this ancestor learned of Anishinaabe distinguish between the constitutional rights of each group kinship ties to all-our-relations and learned of the roles or what happens in instances of disagreement, conict, or and responsibilities of each Anishinaabe. [...] the Anishinaabe, among others, who are the authority on inherent Indigenous rights in this region, that there is a In peacetime, the Anishinaabe continue the strong case.
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