The “Civilized World” and its Genocides: Gaza’s Colonial Precedents - by Azeezah Kanji
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The “Civilized World” and its Genocides: Gaza’s Colonial Precedents - by Azeezah Kanji

23 November 2023


being bombed, starved, dehydrated, “voluntarily emigrated,” and blockaded into collective death and How to characterize the carnage? For weeks, UN submission – a continuation of the decades-long Experts and hundreds of international law and ethnic cleansing of Palestine – while Canada and other genocide scholars have been warning the situation is “liberal” democracies refuse to call for a ceasere. [...] as the French and British creation of special open- Or as the Nazi jurist Carl Schmitt preferred to call it, kill “death zones” for Algerians and Kenyans, the “social pest control,” in which those on the receiving Canadian government’s mass starvation policies to end are treated not as enemies to be defeated but “clear the plains” of “the Indians,” and Germany’s “parasites” that must be eradicated. [...] into the trough.” e same states that executed and enabled the Holocaust now add yet more blood-prints ey join the many other shining moments of to their butcher’s bill by condoning another genocide similarly asymmetrical bloodshed in the “civilized in the name of expiating the sin of the rst. [...] the realm of the colonized and “uncivilized,” entirely dierent rules, logics, and languages apply, under a Instead of rights and justice, therefore, the most façade of universalism. [...] except to consent to their own domination; To defend its current operations in Gaza, for instance, and the perpetual depopulation of the “pests” Israel invokes the massive civilian death tolls of the from the earth, to make way for US’s “war on terror,” which itself invoked Israeli court “civilization’s” reign.

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