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4 Cross Cutting Themes

12 Dec 2023

To see the benefits from the electricity falling to SMEs and consumers, and help the region transition in increased private investments and remain competitive in a net-zero economy. [...] By providing subsidies and loans for technological Atlantic Canada’s reliance on oil and natural gas as innovation and deployment, incentivizing private primary energy sources is due in part to the rural investment attraction, and facilitating partnerships nature of the region’s provinces and the prevalence and connections with other stakeholders, the of offshore oil and gas drilling in Newfoundla. [...] has the capacity needed to absorb investments and become a leader in ZEV manufacturing, the partnerships and reputation needed to foster a strong investment environment, and the technology needed to implement significant fuel switching in transportation.38 With further public investment, clear and consistent policy and planning from all levels of government, and private investment attraction effor. [...] will require substantial financial and coordinating Regulatory uncertainty and regulatory burden support from the federal government to incentivize are limiting private sector and global investment and de-risk the development and deployment of especially in regards to oil and gas, power clean energy technology at scale. [...] With the appropriate development, the federal government should also federal subsidies and energy cost protections for back the development of policies, regulations and consumers, businesses will greatly benefit from necessary infrastructure to support the scaling the province-wide adoption of green hydrogen and and deployment of fuel cell technology, especially fuel cells as alternatives to fossi.
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