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Editors’ Overview

20 Dec 2023

Fi- formance in the sector led to greater price nally, the authors find that while lower increases than in the United States, with growth in the 2000-2019 period overall is a negative effect on the productivity of the largely attributable to much weaker mul- industries using the output of the informa- tifactor productivity growth, there was a tion and cultural services industry as in- pronounced s. [...] The authors make the case that lower INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIVITY MONITOR 1 productivity growth and greater price in- In the fourth article in the symposium, creases in the sector in Canada reflects a Jonathan Barr, Peter Foltin and Jian- lower level of competition in this country min Tang from Innovation, Science and than in the United States. [...] In the sixth article, Pierre- The methodology is based on the theory of Alain Pionnier, Belén Zinni and Kéa the firm in terms of profit maximizing and Baret from the OECD examine the sen- price taking and is exogenous to productiv- sitivity of MFP estimates to the different ity shocks. [...] from the London School of Economics pro- Over the course of a business cycle, the vides a detailed discussion of how national INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTIVITY MONITOR 3 statistical offices in the United Kingdom, both Canada and the United States follow the United States, and Canada responded the OECD guidelines for the production of to the OECD guidelines. [...] In the EU and that within the OECD, the level of sup- the United Kingdom there is still some way port and take-up of the KLEMS approach to go as productivity statistics are still not taken up by national statistical offices has fully integrated into the national accounts.


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