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20 Dec 2023

This brief draws from academic literature, as well as community and government reports, to provide a general overview of the benefits of DVD protocols and the challenges to implementation documented in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. [...] Page | 4 Confidentiality and privacy: A central concern for domestic violence disclosure protocols is the balance between the privacy of the individual whose information is being disclosed, and the safety of the victim (Grace, 2015; Hadjimatheou, 2023). [...] In the UK, these records are intended to help monitor and evaluate scheme uptake, and the accessibility and usefulness of the scheme for different communities. [...] We propose the following recommendations to lawmakers and policymakers to ensure the development and implementation of a domestic violence disclosure protocol in Ontario that aligns with the evidence presented in this brief. [...] The purpose of this data is to assist in the evaluation of how the protocol is being used, by whom, as well as the identification of service gaps and trends in victim and community safety.


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