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9 Nov 2023

The study, Inventorying San Francisco Bay Area Parking Spaces (Chester, Helmrich and Li 2022) used satellite imagery and analysis of parking minimums applied to land parcels to estimate the number and location of parking spaces in the nine-county Bay Area. [...] The number of parking spaces per vehicle tends to be lower in denser areas where parking is shared and priced, and higher in suburban and rural areas where each destination satisfies its parking demands. [...] Manville and Shoup (2005) estimate parking spaces per hectare and job in various central business districts, and calculate a parking coverage rate, the portion of downtown that would be devoted to parking if all parking were provided in surface lots. [...] Many studies only consider a subset of total parking types and costs and so underestimate total parking costs and the benefits of parking supply reductions. [...] Geographic Factors Parking supply, costs and subsidies tend to vary in the following ways: Parking spaces per acre and the portion of land paved for parking increase with density.



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