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Sent by e-mail to: December 15, 2023

15 Dec 2023

Municipalities are prepared to support reductions in development charges and fees where they help to meet housing and affordability goals, provided that the government commits to a 200 University Ave. [...] Municipalities recognize the value of making investments to support the types of housing that we need the most – including purpose built rental units, affordable units and units built by not-for-profit developers. [...] Reconsidering the maximum land value and eligibility requirements for community benefits charges to reduce storeys and unit requirements to more inclusive of medium-density development would make these new tools more relevant to a greater number of communities. [...] We appreciate the clarity recently provided with respect to the purpose and objectives of these measures and look forward to further consultation to better understand the potential impacts and benefits. [...] We look forward to consultations on these measures and other important elements – including fee refund schedules and cash-in-lieu of parkland – in the new year at both the AMO-MOU Table and the Provincial-Municipal Housing Engagement Table.
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