cover image: Labour Exploitation and Barriers to Accessing Justice for Migrant Workers


Labour Exploitation and Barriers to Accessing Justice for Migrant Workers

26 Oct 2023

Ottawa, October 25, 2023 @MWCBC About Migrant Workers Centre • Established in 1986, Migrant Workers Centre is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to legal advocacy for migrant workers in BC. [...] 2 Low Wage Migrant Workers Majority of low-wage migrant workers in Canada are tied to their employers through employer-specific work permits • Heightened employer control over workers • Heightened risk of termination from employment/loss of status • Difficulty changing employers/maintaining status Difficulty in enforcing rights and accessing remedies due to delays and fear of retribution. [...] 3 Tiered System of Rights • Migrant Workers rely on their employer for their ability to earn an income and for the renewal of status • Unionization rates are low • Legal representation is difficult to obtain • Lack of enforcement and compliance on employers - enforcement instead focuses on workers • Undocumented workers fear of deportation • Recruitment processes result in debt bondage 4 Abuse Sta. [...] v Presteve Foods Ltd., 2015 HRTO 675 6 State Response • (SAWP – occupation specific/multiple employers work permit) • Care Workers – sector/occupation specific work permit (2019) • Temporary Resident Permit for Victims of Trafficking (undocumented workers) (2007) • Vulnerable Worker Open Work Permit (workers with valid work permits) (2019) 7 Open Work Permit for Vulnerable Workers ● Introduced in. [...] @MWCBC 15 Slide Number 1 Slide Number 2 Slide Number 3 Slide Number 4 Slide Number 5 Slide Number 6 Slide Number 7 Slide Number 8 Slide Number 9 Slide Number 10 Slide Number 11 Slide Number 12 Slide Number 13 Slide Number 14 Slide Number 15.
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