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18 Dec 2023

GENERAL EMPLOYEES’ UNION 2022-2025 Collective Agreement 10 employee in the bargaining unit pertaining to the interpretation or application of any clause in the agreement, shall be forwarded to the President of the Union or designate. [...] ARTICLE 3 - CHECK-OFF OF UNION DUES (a) The Employer shall, as a condition of employment, deduct from the monthly wages or salary of each employee in the bargaining unit, whether or not the employee is a member of the Union, the amount of the regular monthly dues payable to the Union by a member of the Union. [...] (f) From the date of the signing of this agreement and for its duration, no employee organization other than the Union shall be permitted to have membership dues or other monies deducted by the Employer from the pay of the employees in the bargaining unit. [...] ARTICLE 5 - RIGHTS OF EMPLOYER For the purpose of the application of this agreement, the "Employer" shall be the School District named in the preamble to this agreement. [...] 6.3 Union Representatives The Employer agrees that access to its premises will be granted to members of the staff of the Union when dealing or negotiating with the Employer, as well as for the purpose of investigating and assisting in the settlement of a grievance.


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