cover image: KENNAN CABLE - Peeling Away the Layers of Russian Foreign Policy


KENNAN CABLE - Peeling Away the Layers of Russian Foreign Policy

9 Jan 2024

Russia views the BRICS as a potential rival to the Not much has been heard from the CIS since the West and uniter of the global south. [...] The lingua franca of the EEU and CIS has always been Russian, the language of the former recent public meeting between Putin and President imperial power. [...] Putin Armenia Opts Out subsequently weighed in to reinforce the use of the Russian language in the post-Soviet space.15 If the EEU and the SCA are struggling, the The Shanghai Cooperation Agreement (SCA), Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) is on 22 a Eurasian security, economic, and defense life support. [...] Moldova officially Finally, the Russian economy has begun to feel the announced that it would no longer be a part of the effect of global sanctions, with a host of problems CIS.39 In a surprise move, Prime Minister Pashinian (inflation, high interest rates, low investment, labor agreed to be head of the EEU, with the proviso shortages, lack of access to Western technology and that it remains a pur. [...] William Pomeranz, the director of the Wilson Center’s Kennan Institute, is an expert guide to the complexities of political and economic developments in Russia, particularly through the lens of law.
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