cover image: The benefits of funding for research infrastructure: CREDEAU


The benefits of funding for research infrastructure: CREDEAU

15 Jan 2024

The adaptability of the equipment also adds value, as it allows the team to research a wide range The research of water-related issues. [...] perfluorinated compounds (also known as PFAS, or “forever Municipalities turn to CREDEAU to understand new challenges chemicals”) in the water of several communities in Quebec and or plan short-term or long-term responses, and the private some in the rest of Canada. [...] The impacts While CREDEAU’s priority is to improve the quality of drinking water, it also participates in efforts to improve water quality at the source and find ways to reduce the environmental footprint of the water treatment systems. [...] presented the results of its study to Health Canada, CREDEAU took on the challenge of reconciling efforts leading the department to issue a recommendation in to reduce water use with the need to ensure that the 2019 and Santé Québec to introduce a bill in 2020 that drinking water remains safe. [...] Reducing lead in water Lead in water causes neurological damage in young Managing septic systems children, and high levels of lead have been found in the water in some Canadian schools and daycare The Quebec government recently began reforming the centres.


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