International Joint Commission                           Canada and United States
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International Joint Commission Canada and United States

26 January 2024


The primary focus of the upcoming meeting will be to discuss operating principles for the Collaborative, and to map out the sequencing and content of six workshops/convenings that will support development of the Science Plan. [...] A work plan will be developed that proposes a pilot project to test the organizational approach and decision framework developed in the earlier phases of the project. [...] The work group met and determined that coastal wetland restoration is the highest priority, in part due to its linkages with the Agreement. [...] Microplastics (Karen Kidd) The project is well underway and so far, the contractor has completed a literature review, and the first of two workshops was held in September 2023 to develop a coordinated monitoring framework. [...] Debbie Lee from the SAB’s Research Coordination Committee joined the meeting to review and discuss the draft work plan Identifying Tools and Information Available to Assess the Potential for Climate Migration Impacts on Great Lakes Water Quality that was circulated in the agenda packet.

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