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29 Jan 2024

Links to Helpful Resources: Arthritis Consumer Experts: Biosimilars in Canada – What arthritis patients need to know: BiosimilarsinCanada_APRIL_EN.pdf ( Arthritis Research Canada: Pre-recorded Webinar ENGLISH, Pre-recorded Webinar FRENCH, Arthritis Society Canada: Biologics & Biosimilars D. [...] PDF International Coalition of Medicine Regulatory Authorities (ICMRA) statement about confidence in biosimilar products (for patients and the public): ICMRA_statement_about_confidence_in_biosimilar_products_patients_public.pdf Joint Health Biosimilars - Exchange: Ontario Health – Healthcare Provider Switching Tool: ENG: . [...] PDF . [...] Minister Christian Dubé announces a shift towards biosimilars - Press room - MSSS ( Saskatchewan: Saskatchewan Biosimilars Initiative | Extended Benefits and Drug Plan | Government of Saskatchewan Yukon: Supporting your patients switching to a bios.


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