RAFDI Policy Brief - A Realist Approach to Forced Migration and Human Displacement
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RAFDI Policy Brief - A Realist Approach to Forced Migration and Human Displacement

1 February 2024


This policy brief defines the liberal paradox in immigration and refugee policy and explains how the United States and other liberal democracies confront the dilemmas of forced displacement with respect to the competing interests of security, culture, economy, and rights. [...] international migration regime could be built From the standpoint of receiving countries, the following the genesis of international organizations orderly movement of people, defined in terms of such as WTO, International Monetary Fund, and the rule of law and respect for borders and state the World Bank, which provide a certain level sovereignty, should be the principal objective. [...] In the area of migration From the standpoint of the sending countries, governance, it is difficult to fulfil the prerequisites protection of nationals, migration for development, of multilateralism: indivisibility, generalized taking advantage of remittances and brain gain or principles of conduct, and diffuse reciprocity. [...] The payoff for migrant- sending states is greater freedom of movement If the United States and the European Union turn and protection for their nationals, greater foreign away from international cooperation to manage reserves and a more favourable balance of migration and refugee flows, such defections payments, increased prospects for return and will alter the equilibrium outcome of the policy ci. [...] For these reasons, it is vital to revamp and strengthen domestic, regional, and international coalitions to protect the human rights of migrants and refugees and to provide for legal and orderly migration.

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