Korea and Canada: Stronger Together for the Peace and Stability of the Korean Peninsula


Korea and Canada: Stronger Together for the Peace and Stability of the Korean Peninsula

1 Jan 2024

The Korean Peninsula’s security environment is precarious. Tension is rising from North Korea’s provocations, while the administration of South Korean president Yoon Suk-yeol stands firm that the Republic of Korea will not appease the North. This tension risks escalating if it cannot be eased. North Korea’s aggression and offensive capabilities are growing. Also, geopolitical circumstances are becoming more favourable for North Korea as it strengthens ties with China and Russia. With two strong backers, North Korea’s confidence and brazen provocations are on the rise. South Korea is likewise strengthening its countermeasures by solidifying and mobilizing international support for greater deterrence to maintain peace and stability on the peninsula. Earlier in 2023, South Korea and the U.S. committed to strengthening their ties through the Global Comprehensive Strategic Alliance. Trilateral co-operation on security issues between South Korea, the U.S. and Japan is also underway. South Korea is calling on like-minded countries for security and solidarity. As part of this effort, South Korea and Canada celebrated the 60th anniversary of their diplomatic relations and released a joint statement themed “Stronger Together.” Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy suggests there will be more opportunities for South Korea and Canada to co-operate on regional security issues. The strategy says: “Since the Korean War, when 516 Canadians made the ultimate sacrifice, Canada has never left the Korean Peninsula …” Canada has contributed to peace and stability on the peninsula since the war and can contribute even more. This paper explores the Korean Peninsula’s security situation and examines Canada’s role in fostering regional peace and stability
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