Governing Data and AI to Protect Inner Freedoms Includes a Role for IP
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Governing Data and AI to Protect Inner Freedoms Includes a Role for IP

2 February 2024


The ungoverned → Governance frameworks for governing data and growing ubiquity of generative AI is similar to, and and artificial intelligence (AI) must also just as troubling as, that of the large digital platforms consider the role of intellectual property that play an important role in the work and personal (IP). [...] Pina is a Supreme Court of The Data Value Chain Canada–cited authority and provides advice to foreign governments and the Canadian Exploits Personal Data federal and provincial governments; she also serves on the boards of the Ontario At the core of novel digital technologies is the Centre of Innovation and Alectra Inc. [...] There is also no multi- The data value chain touches on all areas of stakeholder representative body that brings policy, with fundamental cross-cutting issues together civil society, government and the public related to the governance of data and AI that sector at the national and international levels include privacy, cybersecurity and surveillance, to facilitate effective and inclusive regulation. [...] The G7 notes that it would sandboxes can be used to test technical work with the OECD and the Global Partnership and governance aspects of AI technologies on Artificial Intelligence, but that it should include and ensure that a duty of care is followed the Group of Twenty and beyond. [...] Copyright © 2024 by the Centre for International Governance Innovation The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Centre for International Governance Innovation or its Board of Directors.

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