cover image: EDI Research Highlights - Research presentations & Panel Discussion Dr. Martin Guhn


EDI Research Highlights - Research presentations & Panel Discussion Dr. Martin Guhn

7 Feb 2024

Language and Cognitive Development : Impacts of trauma o Educator and settlement worker participants reflected on and had unanswered questions about perceived impacts “I got told this year – because I’m just of trauma in refugee children’s language and cognitive advocating and fighting and development competencies, particularly memory and complaining, and you know, whatever I retention. [...] just for the morning, for two hours, and do all of the things around calendar, and how to play, and build all that basic o A reliance on the creativity and responsiveness foundational coping language, just in of support staff who are “on the ball, even if their own little bubble, in a nice little nothing can officially happen” (Educator, C, safe place”, then…just imagine, how FG1). [...] Discussion o The importance of understanding children’s behaviour and development in context o The depth of the impact of cultural understandings and nuances o How can our school system be more proactive and responsive to the needs of refugee children? (early, low-barrier assessments and supports) Acknowledgements and Disclaimers Data stewards We are grateful to Population Data BC and the data ste. [...] All inferences, opinions, and conclusions drawn in this publication are those of the author(s), and do not reflect the opinions or policies of the Data Steward(s). [...] Gillian Hanley My colleagues and peers at SPPH, Sunny Hill Health Centre, the BC Autism Assessment Network, and the Division of Developmental Pediatrics at UBC and the BC Children’s Hospital This research was supported by a Canadian Institutes of Health Research Doctoral Research Award, a Four-Year Fellowship from the University of British Columbia, and the Sunny Hill Foundation for Children.


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