cover image: ICES Public Advisory Council Annual Report: 2022/2023


ICES Public Advisory Council Annual Report: 2022/2023

31 Oct 2023

The PAC also provide feedback to ICES researchers and other areas of the organization that come to the group seeking guidance on matters pertaining to the public. [...] The PAC has provided input on several initiatives, including the ICES strategic plan refresh, the PAC AHRQ question, the ICES revised website, and overall reflection and feedback on the PAC activities since inception. [...] The first round of analysis was shared with the PAC in October 2022 and members were given the opportunity to provide feedback and share their thoughts on interpretation of the data. [...] The results of the vote will inform the products developed by the PAC Working Group and ICES staff over the next year. [...] The goal of the evaluation is to try to address the comments and make improvements to the way the PAC is run the following year.


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