cover image: Language Power-Up: Are LLMs a Fair Play for International Students?


Language Power-Up: Are LLMs a Fair Play for International Students?

2 Feb 2024

Our global graduate students and post-doctoral and visiting network of multidisciplinary researchers and fellows to share and develop research on the strategic partnerships provide policy solutions for rapid evolution and governance of transformative the digital era with one goal: to improve people’s lives technologies. [...] Headquartered in Waterloo, Canada, approaches that seek to increase understanding of CIGI has received support from the Government of the socio-economic and technological impacts of Canada, the Government of Ontario and founder Jim digitalization and improve the quality and relevance Balsillie. [...] Copyright © 2024 by Daria Bielik The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Centre for International Governance Innovation or its Board of Directors. [...] Functionality, Limitations and Student Usage Scholarly examination of the rapidly changing field of AI shows that there is a significant gap between the perceptions held by those in power within education systems — teachers, professors and faculty — regarding how students use AI in their written assignments, and how they actually use it (Antony and Ramnath 2023). [...] Students today are informed about the pitfalls of biases, misinformation and LLMs’ hallucination through the extensive media coverage and academic discussions that have significantly contributed to their awareness of these issues (Antony and Ramnath 2023).
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