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12 Feb 2024

The 2020 report marked the 20th anniver- rise again the very next year to 28.3%.2 sary of Canada’s failure to fulfill the 1989 House 2020 brought COVID 19 and government ini- of Commons pledge to end child poverty by the tiatives such as the Canada Emergency Response year 2000. [...] taxes paid on gas for a minimum of 6 months, and However, it cannot address the need for more the pledge to continue the education property affordable and rent-geared-to-income housing tax rebate while scaling back on the provincial in the province. [...] For low-income women, it for emergency situations, or to pay the rent the addition of the HBPB supplement represented or other bills, for example, “I would just save a 10% increase in monthly income .15 it in my bank account and it would be used An evaluation of the HBPB in 2016 found for emergency situations like if I had to get to several positive benefits of the supplement for the hospital thro. [...] In this section, of Household Spending shows that nationally the we compare the gas tax holiday cost to the total highest income quintile spends more than 5 times cumulative gap between children in poverty and as much on the use of private transportation (the the poverty line in Manitoba. [...] In the are struggling the least from the increase in the table below we put these numbers in the context of cost of living.
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