cover image: Devolution in Nunavut: Is this Really Namminiqsurniq (Self-Determination)? - by Kunuk Inutiq


Devolution in Nunavut: Is this Really Namminiqsurniq (Self-Determination)? - by Kunuk Inutiq

15 Feb 2024

Akeeagok remarked that it is “one more step in the claim process: rst, the land claim agreement, then the realization of the vision of a self-reliant Nunavut…Our formation of a new territorial government, and nally a people made many sacrices in the name of Canadian devolution to more fully assume control of resources in the sovereignty. [...] Over time, it has not) all of the above because the Inuit capacity is so low become clear that non-Inuit prefer to maintain the power (there is a 38 per cent vacancy rate in government positions they have accrued in the years since the creation of Nunavut – this from a 2022 government study that has been since and now challenge hiring plans. [...] e reality is is reality is embedded in the history of our collective that the territorial government has serious barriers to Inuit relationship that emerged out of the assumption Inuit – like employment. [...] But given the failed implementation of the and resources will mean an Inuit say in how land claim agreement in many key areas, the Government it is managed; as opposed to control by of Nunavut’s drift away from commitments to Inuit, outsiders? and the slow abandonment of Inuit self-determination generally, it remains to be seen if these opportunities It is surprising Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. [...] signed the for our political leaders will translate to Inuit values and agreement, given the history of taking legal action on the interests are the future of Nunavut.
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