cover image: The Genocidal “Civilized” vs the Erased Colonized: Gaza at the International Court of Justice


The Genocidal “Civilized” vs the Erased Colonized: Gaza at the International Court of Justice

24 Jan 2024

of apartheid, 57 years of illegal occupation, and 17-year- long strangulation of Gaza – implemented by blockade, Evidently, this “axis of civilization’s” preferred fate for in itself an act of war under international law – that the Palestinians is to be consigned to the same graveyard of current onslaught could be presented as an act of “self- oblivion as the casualties of their own colonial atroc. [...] Yet, it is supposedly the Palestinians action by the unprecedented and extensive use of telephone and South Africans who, by appealing to the Genocide calls, leaetting and so forth – coupled with the facilitation Convention in a desperate attempt to curtail the current of humanitarian assistance, all demonstrate the precise carnage, are the ones “weaponizing” and “abusing” the law. [...] Illuminated in the means – as apartheid in South Africa, French colonization res of the Gaza genocide are the equally powerful ways in North Africa, and genocidal residential “schools” in the of not seeing, that sustain (selectively) organized ignorance US and Canada also advertised themselves as exercises even in the face of overwhelming evidence. [...] guilty of apartheid too “as a result of the existence of Indian People with evident signs of starvation stopping trucks in reservations”: the shielding of colonial state violence is the search of anything they can get to survive […] Our eorts predictable result, when it is the criminals who dene the to send humanitarian convoys to the North have been crime. [...] e ICJ Statute claims as one of its sources the laws of “civilized nations”; how many more colonial genocides and apartheids, before international law lives up to the “standard of anti-colonial civilization” expressed, for example, in Indigenous concepts of care “for all our relations,” in the South African principle of ubuntu, the interconnectedness of all people, in Palestinian sumud, yellowheadi.
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