cover image: Young Women’s Experiences of Anti-Muslim Racism in Schools


Young Women’s Experiences of Anti-Muslim Racism in Schools

22 Jan 2024

Acknowledgements The opinions and recommendations in this report, and any errors, are those of the author, We are thankful to all the students in this research project for and do not necessarily reflect the views of the sharing their experiences with us. [...] The purpose of the research project was to examine the experiences of Muslim young women related to safety and racism in Winnipeg public schools. [...] These feelings stem in part from a lack of Muslim representation in the teaching staff and curriculum and a general lack of knowledge about Islam and Muslims amongst staff and students (Hindy, 2016). [...] The experiences of Muslim students in this study corroborates with the removal of the hijab as a coping method, as several participants resorted to hiding their Muslim faith to feel safe and included in schools. [...] Participants expressed the need for these clubs to support identity development and a sense of belonging and to foster and create awareness about Islam and Muslim experiences.



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