cover image: Photo Review -- February 12 to 18 CANADA National Capital Region


Photo Review -- February 12 to 18 CANADA National Capital Region

20 Feb 2024

She reiterated the people's demands to end the genocidal assault on Gaza and the siege on Gaza, for a complete and total end to the occupation, and that Canada enforce an immediate arms embargo and immediately reinstate UNRWA funding. [...] A Mi'kmaw speaker gave the land acknowledgment and spoke eloquently of the similarities in the struggle of the Palestinians and that of the Indigenous Peoples of North America. [...] Each people has the right to regain its dignity." More slogans resonated from the crowd, among them: One: We Are the People, Two: We Won't Be Silenced, Three: Stop the Bombing, Now, Now, Now! Free, Free Palestine! and "Ceasefire Now! A speaker from Palestinians abroad told the crowd, which had swelled to close to a thousand by then, "Today is the 134th day of the ongoing genocide." He said. [...] Throughout the march, participants shouted slogans including From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free!; From the Sea to the River, Palestine Is Forever!; and In Our Millions, in Our Billions, We Are All Palestinians! February 14 10 11 February 17 12 Sudbury About 30 citizens and residents of the City of Greater Sudbury held a rally on February 14, Valentine's Day, in front of Sudbury Libe. [...] The songs were very moving, some of the words and stanzas based on Black resistance songs from the era of the civil rights movement in the U.



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