cover image: Building Canada’s Net-Zero Workforce  - February 2024


Building Canada’s Net-Zero Workforce - February 2024

9 Feb 2024

3 To accelerate the development of the net-zero workforce plan, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce recommends that the government prioritize three activities: Specify the mechanisms and processes of the Sustainable Jobs Secretariat • Appoint a steering committee to oversee labour market research. [...] Ensure the economic opportunity During the development of the net-zero workforce of Canada’s future plan, it will also be important to prioritize • Provide industry and businesses with resources and Indigenous engagement and address barriers to tools that promote understanding of the net-zero entry across all industries; use strategic labour jobs transition. [...] and stimulate the economy, but also to bring in the The labour shortage is also threatening to further skills and labour in the long term that can fill jobs drag down the country’s productivity, as it increases and careers emerging from Canada’s response to the workload of existing employees and forces the climate crisis. [...] Closing the gap between the number of roles and the Currently in Canada there are approximately skilled workers needed in the net-zero economy can 430,500 people employed within the clean energy be achieved by prioritizing the following areas in the sector, and that is likely to grow to 639,000 federal net-zero workforce plan. [...] In line with this Addressing the barriers to entry to net-zero jobs will priority, and distinct from related diversity, equity allow for a diverse set of skills and perspectives to be and inclusion (DEI) efforts, it is critical to establish included during the workforce transition and align with a baseline of Indigenous representation in certain Bill C-50’s diversity and inclusion objectives.
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