cover image: Parks and Open Spaces Regulation Bylaw No. 3121


Parks and Open Spaces Regulation Bylaw No. 3121

14 Feb 2024

Objectives and Administration 3.1 The objectives and principles of this bylaw are to: a) Ensure that parks and open spaces are accessible, safe, and enjoyable for all members of the public; b) Encourage the use of parks and open spaces for healthy and active lifestyles; c) Regulate and manage commercial activities and events in parks and open spaces to minimize their impact on the environment and. [...] 3.2 Delegation of Authority: Staff members of the City, including the City Manager (Chief Administrative Officer), the Director, the Director of Engineering, the Director of Public Works Services, the Director of Corporate Services, or the Fire Chief, and other designated personnel, have been delegated defined responsibilities and authorities in this bylaw corresponding to their roles and function. [...] 5.3 Casual Use of Facilities in Parks and Open Spaces: A person may have casual use of a park or open space only if: a) The activity involves using a park or open space, or a portion thereof, that is designated by the City for that purpose; b) The activity is undertaken played according to applicable regulations and in accordance with applicable enactments and the times posted in the park, open sp. [...] Enforcement & Penalty 10.1 Intent of this Part: The intent of this part is to provide the means to enforce the provisions of this bylaw, using various enforcement measures as deemed appropriate by the City, and enforcement of this bylaw shall be the responsibility of designated bylaw enforcement officers, and any other persons authorized by the City to enforce the bylaw 10.2 Enforcement: The Direc. [...] pay the cost of restoring, repairing or replacing the feature or facility, as applicable and as determined by the Director, to the City within 30 days of an invoice being delivered by the City; b) If a person has been required to do something under a provision of this bylaw, and the person has not completed the action within the time specified: i.


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