cover image: Podcast: Voices from the Field 30 – Racialized incivility: Identity as a determinant of health


Podcast: Voices from the Field 30 – Racialized incivility: Identity as a determinant of health

5 Mar 2024

So, I went and I said “I will give my paper and my presentation to the instructors for whoever is interested, but I will not continue with this presentation because I feel like there's a lot of anger and there's too much hostility, and I didn't come into nursing to have that much abuse and verbal hostility, and I didn't think that was fair of an institution of higher education. [...] I was able to keep my composure afterwards but I did go to the nursing station and one of my care staff did follow me and I did break down and cry because in that moment, I felt really attacked and it was really hard to deal with. [...] One of the Deans of Nursing said to me at one point, “if I've got eight faculty, of six of them, I know they're going to learn and they're going to take the training and have it be a really 10 important part of the process, but two out of that eight will not, and there's nothing I can do about that.” I agreed with her up to the point that the two won't, but I do believe that there's something we c. [...] It has very little of that, but it has to do with who I am as a person and what I believe as a person, what I believe health care is, and you know, kind of throwing out the holistic word and talking about the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual, and how culture is healing and how important that is for me. [...] I think the other thing is organizations, you know, absolutely need to continue to educate their employees about the truth, about what's happened to Indigenous people in this country, the attempts of in the past, like colonialism, assimilation, loss of culture for many, as I mentioned, and language, and that there's, you know, a lot of stereotypes about Indigenous people that are not true.


Teri Delaney

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