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Synthesis report

21 Feb 2024

The aim is to provide policy support for the ecological and green development and effective transformation of the “Green is Gold” concept in the region and to provide reference for other regions in the promoting the construction of ecological civilization in China. [...] By disclosing the interdependencies of the components of agri-food systems and balancing the trade-offs among them, the study results can reveal the paths of effective Green to Gold transformations, support the formulation of sustainable agriculture policies, and address the goals of the China Biodiversity Conservation Strategy and Action Plan (2011-2030) to reduce the impact of agriculture on bio. [...] Scenarios and Variables Assessed One of the key components of the TEEBAgriFood study is the evaluation of different scenarios and variables that affect the sustainability of the agriculture and food sector. [...] The PSC is chaired by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and includes representatives and experts from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the United Nations Environment Programme, and demonstration provinces and cities. [...] 7 The Guiding Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Coordinating the Planning and Implementation of the Three Control Lines in National Territorial Spatial Planning 15 Table 3.3 Policies related to agricultural development support in Tengchong City Specific policy Issuer Time Related content Domestic Overall Plan for the Reform of the CPC Centra.


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