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28 Feb 2024

Concur- rently, the world is witnessing the rise of the far right, a trend increasingly accompanied by the repression of rights and freedoms and the shrinking of civil society space. [...] The dialogues allowed for the validation of existing domains based on regional nuances, challenges and future aspirations and captures intra-personal observational knowledge, that is knowledge stemming from participants’ own observations of change on the ground, their perceptions of the future of development influenced by events and trends at the local/ regional level. [...] Chapter Six concludes the report emphasizing the intercon- nectedness of the five categories and restating the purpose of the scanning exercise as part of the strategic foresight systematic approach. [...] A Landscape Analysis of the International Cooperation Sector 24 3.1.2 Global energy crisis Energy is a key item on the climate and environment agenda because of its central place in the global economy and the contribution of energy activities to greenhouse gas emissions. [...] Wealth is increasingly concentrated in the hands of fewer and older people and the top 1% of the richest global population owns half of the world’s total income wealth.
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