cover image: INSIGHT: CHINA - Hong Kong’s New National Security Bill Sends Chill


INSIGHT: CHINA - Hong Kong’s New National Security Bill Sends Chill

14 Mar 2024

The NSL was imposed following The Hong Kong government will move at “full speed” Hong Kong’s 2019 pro-democracy protests, which the to pass the Safeguarding National Security Bill, also governments in both Hong Kong and Beijing have known as Article 23, which provides for lengthy or described as a form of “terrorism,” and have suggested even lifetime prison sentences for offences considered that t. [...] The diplomatic note, according to government says that enacting these laws will “plug a Canadian spokesperson, also raised concerns about the gaps” in the existing national security legislation, “inaccurate comparisons between Canadian law and including the National Security Law (NSL) imposed the proposed new Hong Kong legislation.” . [...] diplomat noted a security violation, the new legislation in Hong Kong that even educational exchanges between Hong Kong could also further undermine business confidence, and foreign universities could be curtailed out of fear putting it squarely at odds with the city’s top economic of running afoul of these new laws. [...] Bill to be passed “without delay” protected under the Vienna Convention, which states The Hong Kong Legislative Council is fast-tracking that diplomats should be able to “conduct their duties the bill after passing its first and second readings without threat of influence by the host government.” on March 8. [...] example, that interactions between their consular There is a high likelihood that the legislation will staff and local organizations in Hong Kong could pass without much challenge, given that 89 of the 90 suddenly constitute acts of “foreign interference.” The lawmakers on the Legislative Council are pro-Beijing.
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