cover image: Final Srategic Outlook


Final Srategic Outlook

8 Mar 2024

The Second World War gave birth to the Atlantic Charter, the UN Charter, the Paris Peace Treaties, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Fourth Geneva Convention, and the Genocide Convention. [...] The withdrawal from the TPP resonates today as but another data point regarding the reliability, fidelity, and commitment of the United States as a partner and ally, as seen in the near-secret decision to withdraw from Afghanistan and how the withdrawal was conducted, as well as its military and financial support to Ukraine, with the risk that might end leaving Europe holding the bag and the unila. [...] The rejection of mostly established science gave rise to theories questioning the effectiveness of masks, the viability of vaccines, created questions on the origins of the pandemic, and led to the withdrawal from the World Health Organization. [...] EVERYTHING depends on the willingness of the Europeans and the Americans to continue their support, in the realization that the apex of the conflict will not arrive until 2025. [...] As the battle progresses, the initial tactical successes of the IDF, encircling Gaza City, bisecting the strip into north and south through a thrust from the border to the sea north of the Gaza wadi, will become more difficult to achieve as the IDF proceeds to assert tactical and operational control of the entire Gaza strip.
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