cover image: March 2024 - Water storage and e merging challenges in a changing clima


March 2024 - Water storage and e merging challenges in a changing clima

15 Mar 2024

Temporary evacuations due to fires or floods could affect stored water quality due to disuse and stagnation causing increased water age and growth of bacteria and biofilms, enhanced by moderate warming.73 The availability and treatability of source water, the physical environment in which water is stored or transported, and the potential for contamination of water in tanks will be affected to vary. [...] Increased growth and survival of bacteria within stored water tanks, enabled by the growth of biofilms and stagnant water also increases the risk of GI illnesses and exposures to Legionella, Pseudomonas, or Mycobacteria, which can cause a range of minor to more serious illnesses.49 Corrosion or degradation of linings or sealants,68 or source water contaminants sorbed to plastic, metal surfaces, bi. [...] Operational considerations: Inspection and maintenance The frequency and scope of monitoring and inspection procedures and maintenance protocols may need to be expanded in light of increasing climate pressures to ensure systems are maintained, problems are detected and repaired early, and systems are restored to use quickly following an event.110 Various WATER STORAGE AND EMERGING CHALLENGES IN A. [...] WATER STORAGE AND EMERGING CHALLENGES IN A CHANGING CLIMATE 18 Maintenance of a cistern or tank can include draining, cleaning, and disinfection at regular intervals, to prevent a decline in stored water quality, but tank cleaning is often neglected due to lack of awareness of appropriate cleaning frequency or methods, cost of cleaning, or lack of available trained personnel.35,52 Periodic cleanin. [...] Guidance on water storage tank and cistern operation, maintenance, and inspection Organization Guidance on operation, maintenance, and inspection of water storage tanks and cisterns Gov’t of Alberta • The public health guidelines for non-municipal drinking water 112 • Maintaining your cistern111 Gov’t of Saskatchewan • Cleaning and disinfection guideline for private cisterns after a drinking water.


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