cover image: A New Environmental Bill of Rights for Ontario: Final Paper


A New Environmental Bill of Rights for Ontario: Final Paper

14 Mar 2024

Commissioner is now an employee of the Auditor General and is expected to perform the duties assigned by the Auditor General.120 Furthermore, it is now the Downgrading the Environmental Auditor General who reports annually to the legislature, Commissioner not the Environmental Commissioner.121 Nor does the Environmental Commissioner have security of tenure, The role of the Environmental Commission. [...] The purposes of this Act are Constitution Article 50 (a) to protect the right of the people of the Northwest The State will procure the greatest well-being to all the Territories to a healthy environment; inhabitants of the country, organizing and stimulating (b) to provide the people of the Northwest Territories production and the most adequate distribution of the with tools to exercise their rig. [...] Section 19.1 of the EQA states: Yukon’s Environment Act recognizes that the people of Yukon have a right to a healthful environment.196 The Act also declares that it is in the public interest to Every person has a right to a healthy provide residents of Yukon with a remedy adequate to environment and to its protection, and to the protect the natural environment.197 protection of the living species. [...] regime entirely dependent on the will of the Given the momentum to establish the RTHE in government i.e., the opposite of a rights-based jurisdictions across the world, a central question for approach to the law. [...] Substantive Components As noted above, the right to a healthy environment is unenforceable under the EBR and the only references to the right are in the in the preamble and the purpose section.


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