cover image: 2024 Ottawa School Streets Feasibility Study - Prepared by ENVIROCENTRE 2024


2024 Ottawa School Streets Feasibility Study - Prepared by ENVIROCENTRE 2024

22 Feb 2024

The majority of stakeholders interviewed had safety concerns regarding the volume of traffic in front of Ottawa schools during drop-off and pick-up times and supported the concept of School Streets in Ottawa to increase rates of active transportation and improve school zone safety. [...] 7 envirocentre School Streets Feasibility Study CHALLENGES SCHOOL STREETS ADDRESS School Streets have emerged as an intervention to address declining rates of active school transportation and the problems caused by increasing use of vehicles to drive children to and from school over the past decades. [...] These will be discussed in detail in the School Streets in Canada section of the report, however, studies tracking School Streets projects around the world and in Ontario identify the following common benefits of School Streets projects: 1. [...] In city-administered School Streets programs, the city maintained liability for the School Street, and in some cases where the school board administered the School Street the city maintained liability. [...] Following the 2021-2022 street closure, the School Pedestrian Safety Working Group presented Report EITP-22-004 outlining a series of recommendations to City Council, including the expansion of the School Streets program to an additional school in the 2022-2023 school year.


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