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Small-scale Ecosystem Grants - Program Guide

5 Mar 2024

Applicants operating outside the Basin must partner with community-based organizations operating within the region and must show that the project benefits the Basin. [...] • The project, and the organizations coordinating the project, demonstrate an understanding of the need for long-term maintenance of project outcomes; this can be shown by a long-term budget or management plan. [...] Organizations will be contacted by email, at the address provided on the application form, to confirm if the project application has been approved for funding. [...] The Trust retains the right to determine project eligibility and the amount of funding allocated to each project; this may be all or part of what was requested. [...] To ask a question contact Small-scale Ecosystem Grants Trust Staff at 1.800.505.8998 Program Guide (2024/25) Page 2 of 2 What are Small-scale Ecosystem Grants? Who can apply? When is the application deadline? What is the application process? What types of projects are eligible? How much will the Trust fund? How does the Trust select projects for.


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