cover image: Paper  - Barriers to healthy urban design policies: Perspectives from the City of


Paper - Barriers to healthy urban design policies: Perspectives from the City of

5 Mar 2024

The participant expressed Assessment Toolkit in August 2022 to evaluate the impact of urban frustration over the unnecessary politicization of topics that, in es- policies on wellbeing, and to assess alignment of city/urban policies sence, should be approached from a scientific and evidence-based with the foundational principles outlined in the CSWB plan. [...] Constrained Policy-Making Environment efforts to address the needs of Our research findings underscore the pivotal influence of the policy- making environment on the actions of policy- and decision-makers, marginalized populations and revealing significant challenges to the development and implemen- tation of healthy urban design policies. [...] The consequences of siloing are profound, leading to missed opportunities for the The research findings highlight the pivotal role played by City comprehensive and multi-disciplinary collaboration essential for Council as the primary decision-making body in the City of Regina. [...] It should be acknowl- and private sectors in the development and implementation of urban edged that the tension between individual and collective rights is policies, particularly in the context of urban design. [...] This highlights the impor- their specific wards, potentially at the expense of the broader tance of aligning funding mechanisms with health and equity needs of the entire City.
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