cover image: TREATMENT PROGRAM for People Affected by Problem Gambling


TREATMENT PROGRAM for People Affected by Problem Gambling

6 Mar 2024

TREATMENT TOPIC ONE: SETTING GOALS This treatment program will suggest to you a number of techniques and strategies to help you This first topic will ask you to define your goal cut back your gambling to a healthy level or, if with respect to gambling. [...] We want to make sure It seems that the more people are aware of the that your desire to stop or reduce your gambling reasons why they want to change a behaviour or is as strong as possible and based on a firm habit, the more they can see the benefits of understanding of the effect of gambling on your changing that behaviour or habit. [...] So in the we asked you to outline what the effects of past following exercise, we will ask you to imagine gambling have been on you and your personal both outcomes: if you continued to problem world. [...] The exercises asked you to consider the ways in which gambling has affected your life in the past, how continued gambling might affect your life in the future and the role gambling has had in your life. [...] ways or categories of coping that can help when you find yourself in a situation where you might Examples of behavioural coping include: normally gamble, or in a situation where you have a strong urge to gamble, or in a situation 1 Avoid the gambling situation to avoid where you are making efforts to control your urges and temptations: gambling but you are at risk to gamble • Make sure you are not.



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