cover image: Columbia Basin Management Plan 2024-2034


Columbia Basin Management Plan 2024-2034

6 Mar 2024

We will listen and seek to understand the voices of First Nations and Métis • Being accountable to Basin residents, Peoples in the Basin so that their and to the Trust’s shareholder, the distinct perspectives help guide Province of British Columbia. [...] we need to ensure • Measure and report on the Trust’s performance to Basin residents and to the Province. [...] with Basin communities, • Build an understanding of: Indigenous Peoples and that the river o the Columbia River Treaty and its impacts all those connected to the o the origin and creation of the Trust and how it operates connects us.” Columbia River system. [...] 12 COLUMBIA BASIN MANAGEMENT PLAN 2024-2034 GOAL 2 ACTIONS Support residents and communities • Amplify the success of Basin residents who “Support initiatives to make the Basin more resilient to are rising to the challenges of climate change and inspire optimism and commitment in climate change and to mitigate and that help communities communities. [...] • Recognize the importance of water resources to and mountains are overall Basin well-being, and help ensure access to fresh, safe and healthy water for current and future generations of Basin residents.
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